Hi, my name is Andrew Tempany
I'm a Developer.

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I'm a developer that graduated from Enspiral Dev Academy in August 2020, where I learnt Javascript and React as a fullstack. In the short time since graduating, I've been exploring React Native and C#.

Before studying Web Development at EDA, I studied architecture, which has given me a strong creative and problem solving mindset. In past work experience I've been part of agile teams to which I've been able to bring a wide range of skills.

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As our final project at EDA, my team and I made a rapid prototype of a game, designed to be played online with a group of between 4 and 10 people. The idea was to help friends and families interact while in lockdown. It was built with React with a Javascript backend and involved several new pieces of tech that we learnt from scratch during the week, such as Web Sockets.

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Done With It

Done With It is my current project to teach myself React Native. It is a trading platform similar to Gumtree.

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Quiz Me Tender

Quiz Me Tender is a 2-day project with zero thematic direction or consistency. Up to 3 teams can play a pub-style quiz using the Open Trivia Database API. It was a hectic rush to write as much react, redux and JS as possible in our time frame.

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